Thursday, 16 July 2009

Do you wear blinkers at your BNI meeting?


It often happens at networking events, but it should never happen at a BNI meeting. And yet it did this week!

A new member of a group was left on their own. I was busy sorting out some papers for the meeting and watched as she stood not knowing who to talk to; everyone seemed so deep in private conversations.

Finally, I was able to join her and ask how she was, could I introduce her to someone? But she said that she had tried to join in a conversation or two but no one seemed that interested.

To say I was stunned is something of an understatement!

My first thought was what were the Visitor Hosts doing? Having scanned the room I could see that they were all busy, although not with new visitors or visiting substitutes. I then looked for the Leadership Team and they to all seemed to be doing something. And lastly, I looked at the other members; they too seemed busy, deep in conversation with each other or just waiting for a coffee.

Neglecting a visitor or not, can often be the difference between that visitor wanting to join your chapter or not. So, whether you are a Visitor Host, Leadership Team member, or a member, please never leave anyone on their own.

Take your blinkers off and make sure you watch out for anyone left on their own. Not just visitors, but also substitutes and new members. On occasion even established members can’t find a conversation to join.

Imagine how you would feel left on your own in a room full of people and take action!

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